Romantic Zees Jingle

The passion of providing the best quality sleep for those who in touch with Zees

By Sutarjo Osman

If you listen attentively to the lovely jingle of Zees, you can find the jingle (it is more a song than jingle) so full of romantic sentences to sing it for your darling. Zees jingle is also telling about the product range of Zees and the benefit of sleeping on Zees mattress.

Your can download Zees Jingle HERE and this is the lyric:

When you down and out, You need to catch some zees, When you feel grumpy and gloomy. B’coz you miss lots of zees, You can be Smiley and Lovey, Or Naughty and become Sleepy.

Refreshed and rejuvenated with Zees, And happy to say the magic three words of: I love u, I miss u, with Zees, I want u, I need u, with Zees.

In Zees, we are bunch of creative people who want to challenge new things, new innovations, breakthrough and new perspective of delivering values to the world. We would like to present our hardwork, cerativity and efforts for your benefits so you will be productive and happy, days after days.

But most of all, to be so energetic and productive, at the end of the day, everyone needs the best quality sleep. Here Zees Mattress comes to play its role as the best solution for your bed so you could wake up refreshed and rejuvenated everyday. Zees…Sweet Dreams For The Rest Of Your Life!