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  • Quilting Panel with siliconized hollow polyester fiberfill, light weight and soft, good air circulation, odor and mildew resistant.
  • Micro Fiberfill with siliconized hollow polyester fiberfill, non-allergenic, down feel sensation and ultra soft.
  • Down Feather, fabric 100% down proof cotton, 280 TC and double layer.

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51×76 cm


30% Goose Down, 50% Goose Down, 70% Goose Down, 90% Goose Down

  1. Tanya


    My name is Tanya.

    I found your pillow is really comfortable and I would like to know where I can buy the pillow.

    I look forward hearing good news from you. Thank you!



  2. Irwan Kasmani

    I would like to purchase 4 of your big pillows that you supply to Aston Hotel in Batam. Do you ship to Singapore?

  3. Fajar

    I really love your pillow in Aston Anyer. How can I buy those pillows?

  4. Kevin

    They are really nice. May i know where csn i purchase these pillow or do you ship to Singapore?

  5. Kerrie


    My husband loves your pillows! Particularly the large size which we slept on at Ning Cottage in Ubud. Anyway we can buy? We live in australia but are holidaying in Bali. Cheers

  6. Christen

    These pillows are amazing. Can I purchase them and have them delivered to Australia?

  7. Linda Smythe

    Love your pillows! Can I buy online??

  8. chris jenkins

    Trying to buy the narrow, long bed pillows from Marriott by Westin Ubud, Indo

  9. Astrid

    I really love your pillow in Aston Anyer..
    how can I buy these pillow? Thanks

  10. Yu xib

    I want to buy the pillows how much and do you ship to Singapore? Please contact me

  11. Mary

    So love your pillows and mattress topper. Do you sell in Australia?

  12. Ruby

    Hi I’m Ruby and have come across your wonderful mattress and lovely pillows @ Hotel Indigo Seminyak. It’s been ages since I’ve had a sound sleep. These products of yours were excellent. Where can I purchase your pillows and mattresses or else do you deliver to Qatar or India.

  13. Widya

    Where can i buy your pillow ?
    I realy love your pillow at novotel surabaya,
    made us sleep well

  14. Alice

    Would like to know if you can ship to SG the big pillows that you supply to Aston Batam?

  15. Indra

    They are really nice pillow, may i know where i can buy this pillow? And how much the price of the pillow?

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