Introducing Zees Logo

The passion of providing the best quality sleep for those who in touch with Zees


The idea of creating Zees logo was inspired by the hustle bustle of everyday life of metropolitan inhabitants. Everyone seems so busy and stressed out with very poor quality of sleep. To be more productive and energetic, everyone should get more shut eyes with lots of “ZZZ” for better life and happiness. That was our vision to provide everyone with better quality of sleep with a Zees Mattress.


“You need to get lots of Zees with Zees Mattress”

The “ZZZ” came into our mind at first, however it was just too difficult to pronounce and implement, then we changed it into “Zees”. It was a perfect fit, with “ee” it was easy to read, and to stretch it further we flipped the “ee” to face each other to look like a pair of human eyes with cute lashes. They were just excellent to portray the shut eyes that we encouraged people to get more.

We then added three small “zzz” on top of the “eyes” to make it asleep and the tagline “Sweet Dreams For The Rest Of Your Life” just make the final touch complete.

Get yourself a Zees Mattress today so you could get lots of ZZZ with better quality of life with Sweet Dreams For The Rest Of Your Life.